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The Public Projects Group is an association of independent people and professional artists, and was founded between Gerona, Berlin and New York in 1991, with the aim of provoking reflexion on discrimination by means of art exhibitions and public projects based on social problems. We defend equality within diversity and respect for all people and options. As a symbol we use a duck , as in "The Ugly Duckling" , as discrimination is often provoked by ignorance. The fundamental aim of social art is to demythologize the concept of creativity.What is most important to us is the object, the programme and the work of art itself. One of our basic beliefs is that social art should be within people's reach. A true democracy does not provide "heros", because it demands that each and every citizen fully participates in every day life and contributes to the public good. The Public Projects Group emphasizes the elasticity and variability of its components and will continue to act wherever there is discrimination.


An association of independent people formed by Quim Serrano and Antonio Selvaggi in 1991 between Gerona, Berlin and New York, with the object of organizing exhibitions and public projects based on social problems.


1996 Ginàndria. New municipal premises in Cornellà de Llobregat

1995 "Vells en actiu" ( Elderly people in action) Municipal exhibition halls, Gerona City Hall.

"Tots som estrangers" (We are all foreigners) Six libraries, Hospitalet Town Hall.

"Tots som com som" (We are what we are) "Casa de las Alturas" and five civic centres in the Horta-Guinardó area, Barcelona City Hall.

1994 "Paideia" Centre of Culture "Les Bernardes" , Salt. Gironès District Council.

"Xenos" Metronom Hall. Rafael Tous, Barcelona.

1993 "Pauperisme" (Poverty) A.F.I.C. Centre. Theatre, Gerona.


1994 "Xenos" Billboards on 86 Street Subway. Posters throughout the city and subway of New York.

"Xenos" Posters throughout the cities of Tübingen and Stuttgardt in Germany. Sponsored by P.P.G.

"Xenos" Posters in bus shelters and throughout the city of Gerona. Sponsored by P.P.G.


1995 Mail Art exhibition, Centre of Culture "La Merce", Gerona.

1994 " Taslima Nasrim", Besalú, Gerona and Morolo, Italy. Factoria de las Artes. Cooperación Fabril, Olot. (Gerona)

"Rollo Positivo II", Transformadors Hall, Barcelona.


1994 Publication of video "Paideia". Sponsored by P.P.G.

1993 Publication of video "Xenos". Sponsored by P.P.G.